Message From CEO

The King Khalid Medical City (KKMC) Mega Project completed the critical Planning and Design Phase with flying colors. The Construction Phase is to follow and will be carried out under the centralized oversight of the Ministry of Health in Riyadh, under the leadership of Dr. Zeyad Abdullah Y. Alswaidan, PhD, CEO, Medical Cities Projects, Ministry of Health, Riyadh.

I am pleased to share the source of our pride, which is derived from two sought-after awards in recognition of the planning and design efforts and due diligence of the King Khalid Medical City Project Management Office (KKMC PMO), as well as, those of our Architects and Engineers that number over 450 persons and located in several geographic locations for having the KKMC recognized early by earning, 1) The Best Hospital Design (Future) Award for 2013 at Hospital Build & Infrastructure Middle East in 2013, and 2) The IMPACTUS Award for Technical Innovation Award for its Building Information Modeling (BIM) for 2013, touted as likely the largest project in the world to utilize BIM as extensively from the time the KKMC Project commenced.  

We are proud to be one of the five regional medical cities that will see Saudi Arabia achieve recognition in healthcare provision and research on the international stage. When all of the medical cities are built, the Ministry of Health will have reached its goal of being well positioned to provide equitable tertiary and quaternary care coverage across the entire Kingdom.

The KKMC Project Vision for the planning and construction of the KKMC is “to build a cost effective, SMART academic medical centre that incorporates evidence-based design and provides a healing environment for patients, families and staff.” 

As part of our planning and design process, the KKMC founding team developed a series of ‘Ten Guiding Principles’ that were used to guide our patient care process decisions. These guidelines ensured that we build a healthcare facility that will be focused on the needs of our patients and their families; the staff who provide care; and, the regional community that the KKMC will serve. This is our commitment to all of you.

The Royal Decree to build the King Khalid Medical City will have a profound and positive impact on the future of all the people in the Eastern Region. The hospital leadership, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health has launched a great vision that will set a new standard for the delivery of complex healthcare for everyone. 

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